o.s. Arabfest

Ještě donedávna byli vždy jako pořadatel festivalu uváděni studenti Katedry blízkovýchodních studií FF ZČU v Plzni a jejich spřízněné duše. Od čtvrtého ročníku se festival koná pod záštitou citizens association Arabfest.

o.s. Arabfest is a voluntary non-governmental non-profit citizens association interested in Arabic culture and Near East, which aims to popularize and promote the goals stated below. The goals of Association are to obtain and publish information about Arabic culture; raise awareness about cultural variety of the region commonly reffered to as Near East; to educate public in the areas connected to the aforementioned elemental goals of the Association; cooperate in those areas with domestic, as well as foreign organisations, research and also educational institutions. Citizen's Association ARABFEST is involved in the organization of the Festival of Arabic Culture in Pilsen.

Committee of the Association

  • Chairperson Tereza Svášková

  • Radka Nedbalová
  • Klára Jedličková
  • Daniela Navrátilová
  • Jitka Fridrichová

Regulations of the Citizens Association Arabfest | PDF

New members

Are you interested in Arabic culture? If you like literature, language, music, arts, you are a traveller or you want to help with the preparation of the festival on the organisational level (and you are near Pilsen), please send the filled application to the citizens association Arabfest by mail on an address stated in the application or hand it personally to the members of the association's commitee. Questions about membership in the association may be sent electronically to .

Support us with a financial contribution. The account number of o.s. ARABFEST is 2400368110/2010 (FIO BANK). We will be extremely grateful for any kind of your support.


Contact information for the visiotrs of the festival, potential partners/performers and for questions regarding reservations may be found on page Contact. Contact email adress of the citizens association is

Annual reports

Published Annual report
1.6. 2017 Annual Report 2016 Download PDF (3.2 MB)
1.6. 2018 Annual Report 2017 Download PDF (4.3 MB)
1.6. 2019 Annual Report 2018 Download PDF (3.4 MB)
1.6. 2020 Annual Report 2019 Download PDF (12.1 MB)
1.6. 2021 Annual Report 2020 Download PDF (9.3 MB)

Reports of the association's activity

No reports on the association's activity have been published yet.