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Wednesday 22.3.

Beep. The router’s on. Welcome to the world of social media, where you can find information, entertainment, excitement and danger and where one window isn’t enough. The eighth annual Festival of Arab Culture will commence in the presence of important academics, cultural activists and diplomats. During the course of the evening, the winner of a literary contest for Czech and Arab writers will be announced and Middle Eastern refreshments will be served. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, please write us an email as soon as possible if you wish to attend. 

Thursday 23.3.

Facebook and revolution

17:00 | FF ZČU, room ST 210 | Jan Veselý | Jan Daniel

Facebook has an impact on the daily life of most of us. Let’s hear more about its impact on the Arab Spring. The guests who will debate this topic include sociologist Jan Daniel and analyst Jan Veselý.


ArabFILMfest: CLASH (2016)

20:00 | Měšťanská beseda - Divadélko JoNáš

The story of this award winning movie by Mohamed Diab takes place in the confined space of a police van in the summer of 2013. Thirty demonstrators from Cairo with different views on religion and society fight for their lives. The film is in Arabic with Czech and English subtitles and will be followed by a discussion. We recommend that you book your place in advance. 

Friday 24.3.

Aysha El-Shamayleh: How social media revolutionized creative work (for writers, filmmakers and musicians) in the Middle East: the positives and negatives.

13:00 | FF ZČU, Room SP 319

The advent of social media has allowed globalization to progress in Arab societies at a much faster rate than any time before. Today, many people all over the world struggle to understand and construct their identities as global citizens, especially in developing countries where native culture was once strong, superior and conflicted with western ("global") lifestyles. How have these trends affected the Arab World? How does Arab artistic work (e.g. film, literature, TV) cope with and critique these change? What are the positives and negatives of eroding mental and physical borders. How do these efforts to "make the world a smaller place" empower and also weaken local artistic movements in the Arab World?


FoodLab: Egypt

19:00 | DEPO2015, café DEPO2015

Learn to cook like an Egyptian! With the help of an Egyptian Embassy chef, you will learn how to prepare traditional dishes. This event takes place thanks to the support of the Egyptian Embassy in Prague. Due to limited space, online registration is required.

Saturday 25.3.

Arab Breakfast

10:00 | Plzen zastavka

Vegetarian snack bar Safyr will prepare a wide range of delicious Arab dishes for breakfast or brunch. Detailed menu and prices can be found on our website under "Programme“. Detailed menu and prizes will be published here very soon.

Sufi Tradition and Its Transformation in the Modern World

12:30 | Plzen zastavka | Zora Hesová

How is Sufism, or Islamic mysticism, influenced by modern media? Can it preserve its uniqueness? Islamic studies scholar Zora Hessová will talk on the ways of preserving traditions and the contemporary forms of Islamic mysticism, particularly focussing on the Balkans. 


Traces online/ offline

13:30 | Plzen zastavka | Honza Chabr

Honza Chabr, graduate of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, will lead an art workshop, in which he‘d like to track the traces that we make in the online and offline world. The participants should bring their phones or laptops. We recommend you to book your spot in advance due to the limited capacity (we expect 20 people for the workshop).


Stopy online/ offline II.

15:00 | Plzen zastavka | Honza Chabr

Honza Chabr, absolvent Fakulty designu a umění Ladislava Sutnara, povede výtvarný workshop, kde by rád s účastníky prozkoumal stopy, které každý z nás zanechává v online i offline prostředí. Účastníci nechť si na workshop přinesou svůj mobilní telefon či notebook. Doporučujeme rezervaci předem kvůli omezené kapacitě prostoru. Počítáme přibližně s 20 účastníky na workshop.

Sunday 26.3.


Tastes and Smells of Syrian and Lebanese Cuisine

12:30 | Ganesh

Come and taste up to 25 traditional Arab dishes served in a buffet. On top of that, you will get the chance to learn how the dishes are prepared. Limited number of spaces, so please register in advance. The event's partner is delicious shop Koření Od Antonína.

Tariq Ramadan: The Middle East, Islam and social media

16:00 | Kulturka ZČU, Univerzitní coworking | Mgr. Daniel Křížek, Ph.D.
One of the most prominent contemporary Islamic scholars will stream live via Facebook, where he has more than 2 million followers. His work will firstly be introduced by Islamic studies scholar Daniel Křížek from the University of West Bohemia. After that, Tariq Ramadan will talk about the influence of social media on the dynamics of social development and on the relationship of “the West” and ”the East”. The lecture will be in English. 

Monday 27.3.

Share it

17:00 | Kulturka ZČU

What’s the image of Morocco on Facebook? How many likes can a picture of a camel get? And what about our own photographs, sharing and stereotypes? What do we view as important and worth sharing? Come to the exhibition opening and find out what a “shared Middle East” can look like.

ArabFILMfest: #chicagoGirl (2013)

19:00 | Kulturka ZČU

“I want to show the world what the Syrian regime wants to hide.” A documentary by Joe Piscatell follows the story of courageous student Ala'a Basatneh, who shows the situation in Syria with the help of her friends and Facebook. The story of how to organize Syrian revolution from Chicago. The film will be in English with Czech subtitles and will be screened in collaboration with the One World Festival. 

Tuesday 28.3.

Lines of Freedom: Contemporary Arab Caricature

17:30 | Moving Station, kavárna a galerie

Freedom of speech and its limits, security and radicalism, active citizenship, political responsibility, tolerance, social problems… You definitely shouldn’t miss the opening of a travelling exhibition of three prominent Arab caricaturists (Abdul Raheem Yassir, Khalid Albaih, Nadia Khiari). In collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation for cultural dialogue in the Mediterranean, the organization Insaan and the One World Pilsen Festival. 

Arab E -cartoons

18:30 | Moving Station

Welcome to the world where satire meets (self)censorship and self-expression. Sudanese political satirist Khalid Albaih is one of the most popular Arab artists who publish most of their work online. Come and join a Skype conversation to find out the specifics of regional context and the ways to break through in the field of online caricature. The author will be happy to answer all your questions. 

Wednesday 29.3.

Inkman: "calligraffiti"

14:00 | DEPO2015 | INKMAN

Come and take part in a workshop by talented Tunisian artist Inkman and find out what happens when you combine Arab calligraphy and street art. In collaboration with Alliance Française de Plzeň and the Embassy of Tunisia in Prague and the Tunisian Office for Turism.


Arab quiz

18:00 | Kulturka ZČU

Don’t be afraid and come and take part in a quiz! You will compete in teams and searching the net is allowed, so don’t forget your phone or tablet. If you want to participate, please register on our website.

Thursday 30.3.

Human Rights in the Gulf: myths vs. reality

15:00 | FF ZČU, room SP 319 | Přemysl Rosůlek

Professor Ghanim Al-Najjarem of the University of Kuwait is an experienced political scientist and author of studies on human rights. He will join us for a debate concerning human rights in the Gulf countries and in the Nothern Africa. To what extent are our opinions (often shared on social media) accurate or misleading? The debate will be hosted by political scientist Přemysl Rosůlek.

This debate concerning hatred on social media in the Czech Republic and the Middle East will include panellists Zbyněk Tarant from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies of the University of West Bohemia and Lukáš Houdek from the project HateFree Culture. Host: Daniel Křížek.

ArabFILMfest: Aminin profil (2015)

20:00 | Měšťanská beseda - Divadélko JoNáš

What is at first seen as a story of a courageous Syrian gay activist quickly turns into an original piece discussing the power of social media, which can manipulate people’s relationships and identities. A documentary by Canadian director Sophie Derapse. In collaboration with the One World Festival. The screening will be in English with Czech subtitles and will be followed by a discussion with Lukáš Houdek from HateFree Culture.

Friday 31.3.


Glass of Lebanese Wine

18:00 | Alliance française de Plzeň

Delicious Lebanese wines presented and offered to you by sommelier Tomáš Blahut. Limited number of places; online registration required. 

Saturday 1.4.

Saturday afternoon will again offer a wide range of events but this year, we have prepared several new features! Virtually, but in real time, we will take a journey into several Arab countries. The traditional Oriental market will grow, with new stands so you will get the chance to taste delicious Arab cuisine and try to prepare some traditional Palestinian dishes. For the first time, you can take part in a contest for the best Arab soup. You also shouldn’t miss one of the quick lessons in Arabic, Arab calligraphy, Oriental makeup or an animation workshop for kids. For the full programme visit this page. Thank you!

The Grand Saturday Program is being realized under the auspices of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Prague.


Glass of Lebanese Wine II.

17:00 | Moving Station

Delicious Lebanese wines presented and offered to you by sommelier Tomáš Blahut. Limited number of places; online registration required. 

Tareq Jundi & Nasser Salameh

20:00 | Moving Station | Tareq Jundi

Two experienced musicians from Palestine will introduce the world of Arab classical music. Percussion, lute and tradition. Let’s be offline for a little while. Seriously. And for the first time in the Czech Republic!

DJ Profesor Ikebara

21:30 | Moving Station

From the Arab World to the Balkans. Music, dance and emotions. Closing ceremony of the eighth annual Festival of Arab Culture.

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