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Wednesday 4.4.

The city, or madína. How are Middle Eastern metropolises different from Central European ones? Does European and Arabic public space have anything in common at all? And what is the position of women in it? Come and listen to Slovak urbanist Milota Sidorová, co-author of the Fair Shared Cities project, and Egyptian architect Yasser Mahgoub from the American University of Cairo, who specialises in urban development projects in Gulf Countries. This debate, which is a lead-in to this year's festival theme, will be hosted by Czech architect and architecture historian Petr Klíma, known by the inhabitants of Pilsen for his activities in the Foster the City organisation or the Pilsen Architecture Manual project (PAM). The debate will be held in English with a simultaneous translation into Czech.

The City of Jaroslava Bičovská

20:30 | Moving Station, Gallery | Jaroslava Bičovská

"The bond between the city and the author is so close that despite the two-dimensionality of paper or canvas, you feel as if her home town was talking to you." This town is Brandýs nad Labem. However, Jaroslava Bičovská's exhibition will present large-format paintings that will show you not only the lanes of Brandýs but also a street market in Damascus. Jaroslava Bičovská has had many solo and collective exhibitions of her work both at home and abroad. Her paintings are represesented in both private and gallery collections. The artist herself will guide you through the exhibition.

There's nothing like city games! This game, directed by the Arabfest Palo and Kate tandem, is truly special and only for the venturesome! It involves six stops that include surprises, several challenges, an obligatory tasting of Middle Eastern meals and drinks and some five kilomentres of walking on top of that. Enjoy the West Bohemian metropolis to the fullest in Arab style with all your senses!

Thursday 5.4.

Women in Public Space

10:30 | FF ZČU, room no. 319 | Milota Sidorová

What is the role of women in Middle Eastern society? How do they perceive public space and how is it adapted to them? What's the situation in Europe? The conference will raise many similar questions. Respected guests including Slovak urbanist Milota Sidorová and French artist Nora Noor will offer you answers. The conference will be hosted in English by Lenka Strnadová from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of West Bohemia.

Marrakesh on Skateboard

19:30 | Coffee house MōōVEMENT

The newly opened café Moovement on Americká Avenue invites you to its first exhibition. Moroccan photographer Yassine Sellame will present his analogue photographs capturing everyday life in Moroccan cities, especially in his native Marrakesh. A short lecture about Yassin's work and skateboarding in Morocco is planned for the night as well, followed by a few short films about the Moroccan skate scene, including the documentary Lubia Time by film maker Štěpán Klíma. The night will be closed by an afterparty with DJs.

Friday 6.4.

Instant History: The Making of the Arab Gulf Cities

15:00 | FF ZČU, room no. 319 | Dr. Yasser Mahgoub

Since the end of WWII the Gulf Countries have been experiencing unprecedented economic prosperity. The same transformation took often more than 400 years in other parts of the world. Egyptian architect Yasser Mahgoub, who has researched this topic for many years, will be talking about the impact of this fast change on architecture and the urbanisation of selected cities in the region. The lecture will be held in English.

Jarabulus Under the Influence of ISIS

17:00 | FF ZČU, room no. 319 | Dr. Afshin Shahi

"The local administration in the area of Jarabulus City is unintentionally helping to legitimise the former government of the so-called Islamic State. That's the sad reality of Northern Syria." Afshin Shahi, a lecturer at the University of Bradford and an editor of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, compares the current situation to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, where nostalgia for the former government grew similarly as it has in Syria today.


A Glass of Arabian Wine

18:00 | Wine bar U staré studny

Visit the newly opened wine bar near Pilsen's Republic Square and treat yourself to several glasses of selected Middle Eastern wines. The tasting will be led by sommelier Tomáš Benedek. Guests can look forward to light food as well.


ArabFILMfest: Last Men in Aleppo (2017)

20:00 | Měšťanská beseda - Divadélko JoNáš | Dr. Afshin Shahi

A fascinating documentary by Feras Fayyad from 2017 depicts the everyday struggle of volunteers from the ranks of the so-called White Helmets. They risk their lives under incessant bombardment and shelling to give first aid to injured people in the ruins of the war-torn city. How long can one face the omnipresent threat of death and suffering? This Oscar-nominated film will be shown in the original Arabic with English and Czech subtitles. The screening will be followed by a debate with Dr. Afshinem Shahim from the University of Bradford.

Saturday 7.4.

Welcome to the Arabic city at DEPO2015! This year's Saturday programme will run parallel on 10 stages and will have something for every age group. For the first time in Pilsen you will be able to sample delicacies from the Middle and Far East at the ORIENTAL STREET FOOD MARKET. This traditional street market has reported an increase in the number of sellers. The programme will offer travel lectures, debates, film screenings, Arabic caligraphy, courses of Arabic, painting with henna or the long-awaited relaxation area, where you can sip Arabic coffee or try a hookah. Children will have fun too, with theatre, an animation workshop or the fanstastic adventure of constructing scyscrapers with the lecturers of the Město letí project. As a bonus you will also meet Busking Fest musicians or Pilsen's skateboarders at the venue. We thank to the Embassy of the State of Kuwait for the kind support. The detailed program could be found here.


A Glass of Arabian Wine II.

18:00 | DEPO2015, Zasedačka

Sommelier Tomáš Benedek will offer you a selection of Middle Eastern wines to taste.


Concert: Hafsa Rmich

20:00 | DEPO2015, Klempírna | Hafsa Rmich

Get carried away by the waves of the supernatural together with Hafsa Rmich. Together with her band, the talented Moroccan performer Hafsa will present a fusion of genres like trance or psychadelic in combination with the singer's poetic expression in the Arabic and English languages.

 Saturday's closing party with two great Pilsen DJs! You can look forward to a proper dose of vinyl record music from Balkan to pure house music from DJ Dirty Bastard and DJ Connaire. A special present for the first 29 to arrive!

Sunday 8.4.

Join us on a trip to Jordan, a country whose national dish is mansaf, a good helping of lamb on rice with almonds covered with yoghurt-lemon sauce. This hearty and popular dish will be prepared for you with love by the Festival team led by the authors of the Syrian Cuisine cookery book. Lunch will be followed by a purely cultural programme! Charif Bahbouh and his guests will present a new publication of the Dar Ibn Rushd publishing house: Modern Jordanian Short-Stories.

Graffiti In the City and the City in Graffiti

15:00 | secret place - TBA | Mohammed J. Abu Hakmeh

Graffiti. You've seen it on walls, train carriages, fences, and bins. Some is provocative, some is ornamental, yet all graffiti is born in the hands of a particular person who devotes his/her time and creativity to preparing and creating something unique. Whether it's a simple message, signature or an elaborate painting, all of us can enjoy, admire, criticise, touch, and change it. Graffiti is a living organism, changing along with us and our city. Graffiti is controversial. Come on Sunday to see Kuwaiti artist Mohammed J Abuhakmeh creating his graffiti.

Secret place is the fence of DEPO2015 with poetic view to river and Papirna´s bridge.

Emancipation #965

18:30 | Kulturka ZČU | Fay Al-Homoud

Taking root in spreading hope, street art and graffiti in Kuwait began popping up on street corners during the 1990 invasion. It has since evolved, acting as both a representation of the growing underground arts scene, and a visual dialogue open to the public to interact with and reflect upon. The Fay Al-Homoud photo exhibition of Kuwait street art is something you do not want to miss!  

On the Wall or up Against It?

19:00 | Coffee house Družba | Fay Al-Homoud

Come and meet Fay Alhomoud and her project Q8 Street Art. You'll learn how and why street art has become popular in Kuwait, what developments it has gone through and who stands behind the most important works adorning the streets of Kuwait. The lecture will follow the premiere of a photography exhibition monitoring Kuwait street art.

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